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Dot Studio has clients extending across many industries, markets, and geographical locations. This depth allows for us to connect different businesses through affiliate, sponsor, or partner opportunities, to achieve more market share for your brand. Aligning with affiliates who have already secured loyal relationships with your target audience will allow you to effectively capture potential consumers. 

Click on the business below that best describes your consumer audience: to reveal the opportunities for you to gain more customers and build your brand. 

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buck addiction logoBuck Addiction is a reality-based hunting television program on the Pursuit Channel. The program has a reach of more than 38 million households on the most widely distributed, pure hunting and fishing television network available by satellite providers DISH and DIRECTV. The hunting population encompasses approximately 12.5 million people over the age of 16 who hunt wildlife annually, 91% of which is male. 


meetlocalbizMeetlocalbiz.com is a web-based business directory and membership organization, servicing small to medium-sized local businesses throughout Maryland and the Washington DC area. Meetlocalbiz.com provides the platform for connecting locally-owned and operated business owners with potential customers, through a customizable microsite with testimonials, professional videos, photo gallery, and coupon builder.


outdoortales-logo 2Outdoor Tales is a news blog, dedicated to the outdoors lifestyle. With camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing categories, Outdoor Tales provides readers with up-to-date information from bloggers and companies across the United States.

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