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rightdirection Dot Studio is your premier, full-service brand agency.


Consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertisements every day.


Position your brand to resonate with consumers by filling an industry need. 


Effective positioning and brand strategies result in greater market share and revenue. 

Dot Studio


Latest Blog Posts

  • How to Boost Website Sales Without Increasing Traffic

    profitIt’s logical to think that as more people visit your website, the more you will sell. But by making minor changes, you can increase your conversion rate – capitalizing on more customers – to effectively boost sales.

  • What’s Your Brand Strategy?

    brandstrategyBranding your company is more than just an eye-catching logo. You need to deliver a consistent message that your customers will associate with your brand every time they see and hear it.

  • Have You Considered Co-Marketing?

    co-marketingCo-marketing can deliver greater brand visibility, credibility, market reach, and sales than a business could achieve independently...when executed correctly.

  • One Small Detail You Can’t Afford to Overlook

    emailEmail – a standard form of communication used by just about everyone today. But are you overlooking the one small detail that could help your business become that much more successful?



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